happy home '20

Join our Deer friends in the celebration of our Happy home 2020 collection.

A collection filled with amazing new designs that will thrill little ones and make parenting life a little easier.

Enjoy the catalogue and explore the happy home collection closer here.


Pack up for adventures in sustainable and functional bags for both large and little made from recycled PET bottles.
Dive into an ocean of soft muslin bath textiles and playful bath toys with our new Sea friends Jelly and Wally.

Turn any meal into a festive feast. With new clever silicone tableware and dreamy dinner sets our range
of practical eating essentials will make eating fun and less of a mess for little eaters.

Explore toys for babies and toddlers that will encourage reaching exciting milestones and playful learning.

Soft pastel shades complemented by warm mustard hues give character to an overall Nordic mood.