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Activity toys
12 months and beyond

You now have a curious and more active toddler on your hand. Ready to take the first steps and explore the bigger world around them.

Our Croco walker offers good support for a little walker and your small toddler will enjoy pulling Elphee or Raffi along with them on adventures.


BiG cuddle friends

The 1 metre long Croco or 1 metre tall Raffi are ready to give out extra big cuddles.


Support your little one's first steps with a sturdy wooden walker. This cool crocodile offers great support when your little one is about to take the first steps and walk safely. There's also a lot of fun to be had in packing and unpacking the wagon with favourite toys

2-in-1 Pull along toys

Once your little one is upright and toddling about, a pull along toy will help to support a better balance and develop coordination skills. Taking a Deer friend on adventures will encourage independency and give your little one a taste for moving around and exploring.

Elphee and Raffi are super soft and cuddly and can easily be detached from the wagon, when a Deer friends is needed for bedtime.

Wooden puzzles

Puzzles support development of your little one's fine motor skills. It will help develop logical thinking and problem solving.

Little fingers can grasp the puzzle pieces in these wooden peg puzzles and help the Deer friends find their way back into place.

Pretend play

Small children learn through pretend play. They will enjoy tucking in a doll in a dolls bed or packing a suitcase for adventures.

0-3 months       3-6 months       6-12 months       12+ months