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Activity toys
6-12 months

Your baby is now starting to sit up and and is ready to start moving about and explore. There can be a lot of rolling around before it is refined to crawling. Toys that require problem solving are good from this age. Investigating and figuring out how things work is a hit – it could be fun bath toys or trying to work out a sorting box.

Your little one will pull up to standing position and before you know it first steps could be here.


Bath toys

Jelly and wally are all about splish, splash and giggles at bathtime. The three baby and toddler bath toys are made of neoprene so they are soft to touch and play with and will also dry fast.

Join the Sea friends on their adventures in the fun bath time book or have fun filling them with water and see how the water drizzles when they are turned up-side down. This cute pair loves bathtime fun!

Learning toys

Sorting boxes and stacking cubes promote 'sorting out things' and teach about numbers, colours, shape, form and the Deer friends. Your child will find it fun to stack the cubes up high, tip them over and do this over and over.

The Croco sorting box with teach your little one to recognise shapes and colours, while developing concentration and hand-eye coordination. Croco doubles as a pull along toy for going on adventures.

Deer friends

There’s a Deer friend for everyone and Croco, Raffi, Elphee, Antee, Ozzo, Nozo, Wally and Zebee are all ready to be your little one’s best friend through thick and thin.