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Activity toys
0-3 months

Your newborn baby needs only limited stimulation and just looking at faces can be enough. Introducing stimuli at this age in the form of a musical toy is a good choice. Music can be used to soothe when changing nappies or lull your little one to sleep.

When your baby is begining to be more focused and curious you can start introducing small activity toys like rattles or lay your baby under an activity gym for shorter periods. At first your baby will just observe and later start interacting with the toys.

Musical toys

The soothing sound of a musical toy can be perfect for distracting a tiny one; when it is time to change a nappy or as a well-known tune to play at bedtime. Our soft musical toys are also ready for cuddles and playtime when the child is older.

Our musical mirror mobile offers more sensory stimulation. The sleepy friends floats around under the mirror and will trigger the curiosity with their friendly eyes and eye-catching dots. Your little one will be able to see reflections in the mirror.

Activity play mats & activity gyms

An activity centre for baby is a classic toy and it provides so much entertainment for your little one. Whether you choose an activity play mat with attached arches or the more flexible activity gym you will have a toy to engage and entertain your baby for many months.

Our baby gyms are designed in soft tones, with many sensory details like small baby mirrors, soft sounds and textures. All toys can be detached and moved or be used elsewhere.


Read more about the activity play mat here.

Soft toys

Little ones can form a very special bond with a soft toy. You will find that a stuffed animal could become an irreplaceable toy.

Our cuddle cute Deer friends are ready for everlasting friendships. They will provide comfort when it's time to go to sleep and are always ready for adventures – big or small.