Activity toy guide

Which toys to choose for your baby and toddler and at which age?

Sensory toys are great for boosting your tiny one's first skills but it can be a challenge to figure out what toys to pick for you child.

This Done by Deer toy guide is ment as a help to which toys will be a good match for your baby and small toddler, going through their development phases from newborn and on.

It is important to always keep in mind that every child has their own development journey. Early learning is a fun and exciting time – let your little one explore at their own pace and provide toys that will support and trigger their curiosity to learn and master new skills through play.

0–3 months

Your newborn baby needs only limited stimulation and just looking at faces can be enough. Introducing stimuli at this age in the form of a musical toy is a good choice. Music can be used to soothe when changing nappies or lull your little one to sleep.

When your baby is begining to be more focused and curious you can start introducing small activity toys like rattles or lay your baby under an activity gym for shorter periods. At first your baby will just observe and later start interacting with the toys.

Musical toys

The soothing sound of a musical toy can be perfect for distracting a tiny one; when it is time to change a nappy or as a well-known tune to play at bedtime. Our soft musical toys are also ready for cuddles and playtime when the child is older.

Our musical mirror mobile offers more sensory stimulation. The sleepy friends floats around under the mirror and will trigger the curiosity with their friendly eyes and eye-catching dots. Your little one will be able to see reflections in the mirror.

Activity play mats & Activity gyms

An activity center for baby is a classic toy and it provides so much entertainment for your little one. Whether you choose a play mat with attached arches or the more flexible activity gym you will have a toy to engage and entertain your baby for many months.

Our baby gyms are designed in soft tones, with many sensory details like small baby mirrors, soft sounds and textures. All toys can be detached and moved or be used elsewhere.

Soft toys

Little ones can form a very special bond with a soft toy. You will find that a stuffed animal could become an irreplaceable toy.

Our cuddle cute Deer friends are ready for everlasting friendships. They will provide comfort when it's time to go to sleep and are always ready for adventures – big or small.

3–6 months

Your older baby starts to be interested in exploring and spends more time awake. Baby mirrors, actvity toys and play gyms will be a joy. Spending more time on the tummy can be challenging but important and tummy time toys will make this experience more enjoyable for your little one.

Your baby will enjoy looking at reflections in a mirror and will start to explore things by putting it in the mouth, stimulating the visual, oral and tactile senses.

Tummy time fun

Practising laying on the tummy is important for babies. They develop and strengthen the muscles they need to push up, roll and crawl. You should start practising tummy time early on and gradually give your baby more and more time on their tummy when awake.

To make tummy time more enjoyable try introducing toys your little one can explore while being on the tummy.

6–12 months

Your baby is now starting to sit up and and is ready to start moving about and explore. There can be a lot of rolling around before it is refined to crawling. Toys that require problem solving are good from this age. Investigating and figuring out how things work is a hit - it could be fun bath toys or trying to work out a sorting box.

Your little one will pull up to standing position and before you know it first steps could be here.

Bath toys

Jelly and wally are all about splish, splash and giggles at bathtime. The three baby and toddler bath toys are made of neoprene so they are soft to touch and play with and will also dry fast.

Join the Sea friends on their adventures in the fun bath time book or have fun filling them with water and see how the water drizzles when they are turned up-side down. This cute pair loves bathtime fun!


A swing is a big hit when baby is soon a toddler. It provides a lot of fun and a serious amount of giggles.

Swinging back and forth strengthens your child’s balance so a swing is a perfect gift idea. Our wooden indoor childrens swing is a cool black that fits into any home.

Learning toys

Sorting boxes and stacking cubes promote 'sorting out things' and teach about numbers, colours, shape, form and the Deer friends. You kid will find it fun to stack the cubes up high, tip them over and do this over and over.

The Croco sorting box with teach your little one to recognise shapes and colours, while developing concentration and hand-eye coordination. Croco doubles as a pull along toy for going on adventures.

Deer friends

There’s a Deer friend for everyone and Croco, Raffi, Elphee, Antee, Ozzo, Nozo and Zebee are all ready to be your little one’s best friend through thick and thin.

12 months and beyond

You now have a curious and more active toddler on your hand. Ready to take the first steps and explore the bigger world around them.

Our Croco walker offers good support for a little walker and your small toddler will enjoy pulling Elphee or Raffi with them on adventures.


Support your little one's first steps with a sturdy wooden walker. This cool crocodile offers great support when your little one is about to take the first steps and walk safely. There's also a lot of fun to be had in packing and unpacking the wagon with favourite toys

2-in-1 Pull along toys

Once your little one is upright and toddling about, a pull along toy will help to support a better balance and develop coordination skills. Taking a Deer friend on adventures will encourage independency and give your little one a taste for moving around and exploring.

Elphee and Raffi are super soft and cuddly and can easily be detached from the wagon, when a Deer friends is needed for bedtime.

Wooden puzzles

Puzzles support development of your little one's fine motor skills. It will help develop logical thinking and problem solving.

Little fingers can grasp the puzzle pieces in these wooden peg puzzles and help the Deer friends find their way back into place.

Pretend play

Small children learn through pretend play. They will enjoy tucking in a doll in a dolls bed or packing a suitcase for adventures.